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The hideaway Nakkholmen - (pitstop Drøbak)

Moss - Oslo 9//5/18

Departure 1100

Arrival 1845 Nakkholmen Island

Distance sailed 25nm

Total distance sailed: 688nm

Today again a day with beautifull weather. We Made a stop in Drøbak , the father from Elisabeth was from there and she lives there for sometime too. And we visit the strange house *julehuset* they have like Christmas all year in Drøbak :) Then we continued to Oslo we could do most on the sails with the wind from behind. We bought some fresh shrimps and we ate them while sailing. What a top day! Only we got a little sunburned.

We did not stop in the harbour of Oslo this night because it is quite expensive and noisy and we wanted a quite evening . We stopped at the gjestebrygge of the island Nakkholmen. This is a very quite island with only small holiday houses of wood. We had a walk around the island in the evening and when it got dark we had a beautifull vieuw of Oslo .

Next morning we went to the marina Akerbrygge in Oslo which was only 30 minutes sailing .

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