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The Lofoten trip start - Andenes

Finnsnes - Andenes. 22/7/18

Departure. 13:40

Arrival. 23:30

Distance sailed. 59nm

Total distance sailed 2228 nm

Today was a beautiful sunny morning but when we left the clouds came ☹️. Not much wind today so mostly on engine again. We stopped for some fishing and caught lots of fish. Elisabeth caught 2 quite big codfish that we kept. Rest went back. We arrived late and did a midnight walk with Vivat. Only we were attacked by sterns (don’t know if I write it right, it is these small seagulls) that have babies walking on the ground. Andenes has beautiful nature around at sea but the town does not have much. After the walk we went straight to bed and the next morning slept late because it was raining and storming. Easy day on Monday. We went out eating in the evening and were surprised at the local snackbar/ restaurant. Really good food.

Tuesday my son Bart came and we went directly to spot some whales. We were so lucky that there were more whale watching boats because we don’t have a clew where to find them exactly. So we decided to stay in the area of the whales and if there was a boat coming just stay close. They have this hydrophone on the boats so they can hear them under water and predict more or less where they going to surface.... we had 2 encounters and Elisabeth took beautiful pictures of the tail when they went down.. Wow, very impressive . There are also flying thousands of Puffins there and we had a few nice pictures of them too . In the evening we stayed on board and only did a walk with vivat around midnight to see midnight sun. There was a beautiful sky. After that we went around again because Elisabeth wanted to take pictures of the baby terns. That went well only she was attacked haha.

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