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The not so friendly skipper - Stokmarknes

Sortland - Stokmarknes 26/7/18

Departure. 11:45

Arrival 14:30

Distance sailed 16nm

Total distance sailed 2316 nm

Today the prediction was a very sunny day with 20 degr. Unfortunately yr was wrong . We had rain in the early morning and sometimes sun during the day

But not all the time. And there was a cold wind from south so we even needed jackets outside... when we arrived we moored at the key to get fuel and water and hoped we could stay there because the floating brygge had no place for us☹️.

After refueling and taking water we stayed but the local ferry was not amused and “ordered” us to leave as we were very close to their spot and you have to keep the lines slack there because there is almost 2 mtr tide difference. Bart was at the Hurtigruten museum so me and Elisabeth had to find another spot. We just decided to move 50 mtrs to another key. Hopefully they will leave us in peace there..

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