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The Puffins! - Sortland

Andenes - Sortland 25/7/2018

Departure 11:15

Arrival 21:00

Distance sailed 47nm

Total distance sailed 2300nm

Today was a day without any wind until evening . We a little rain but mostly it was dry. Sometimes little foggy and quite cold.. But, it was a beautiful trip with a lot of nice nature things to see . We went around Bleik øya and already the sea was filled with Puffins between Andenes and here but when we arrived at the Island the sky was filled with Puffins and the sea as well. So beautiful! And there were also some sea eagles on the island and flying around. They will have easy dinner here with all the puffin eggs and young Puffins. We continued after an hour of bird watching and we stopped at a promising fishing spot. Elisabeth succeeded to catch 2 cod again and I only caught small sei. We threw the cod back but later had the idea that we might need some fish to try out our crab cages, so we stopped again just before the Sortland bridge close to 2 skerries. There were many birds fishing there and also Puffins again. We even got a photo of one with a lot of fish in his mouth! We tried fishing but only caught small sei but decided to keep a few for bait. On the skerries were again 2 big sea eagles so we went there to make a few pictures of them. Unfortunately they flew away just before we were close enough. Assume they also went out fishing.

When we arrived in Sortland we found a perfect spot in the center of town . Only place for two boats so we were very lucky . A boat just left when we came. Had a quite evening in Sortland . Just had a nice walk through the town.

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