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The red tree? - Bessaker

Sula - Bessaker 04/07/2018

Departure 09:45

Arrival. 19:30

Distance sailed 62nm

Total distance sailed 1639nm

Today we hoped to be in a harbour before the wind turned against us too strong because Prediction was nne6 end of day. We started with allmost no wind but gradually the wind built up a lot. We could sail for a few hours but then the wind was too strong on the nose so we did the last hours with the engine. Pff I cleaned the boat from salt in veijholmen and now the boat was covered again in salt. We ate dinner underway and luckily found a place on a brygge. Only no ladder and a lot of tide so we had to improvise a little to come on and off board. The lowest of the tide we just stayed on board. Nothing to do here anyway. The local pub/restaurant closed at 8’and there are only sportfishingtourists here.. so early bad todAy


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