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The small place - Stamsund

Henningsvær - Stamsund 29/7/18

Departure. 14:00

Arrival. 16:50

Distance sailed. 12nm

Total distance sailed 2378nm

We left with beautiful weather and Some wind. So we could sail a bit but the wind was from astern which is not optimal for sailing.. we went very quite but the sun disappeared unfortunately. We had a nice surprise in Stamsund. They have a beautiful floating brygge so we did not have to climb. After we arrived we had a few drops of rain but it became better again soon and also warm. Me and Bart walked around and climbed up an hill to see old bunkers. For the rest not so much to do in Stamsund but the rorbuer there are quite nice to see. And me and Elisabeth went out with vivat for a walk later and were invited for a chat in a local artist’s gallery. His name is Ulf M and he is a very nice guy that makes some nice paintings with humor. He also has a car outside his gallery with 3 puppets in.. just look at the picture :D (Norwegian roadtrip with the bosses) We then had a beer at the local restaurant, and the A team (football) from Molde was there having fun :)

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