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The sunny Island Læsø

Departure 08:45

Arrival. 1700 all fast

Distance 63nm

Total distance sailed : 486nm

Today was nice wind but it came from behind. We motorsailed all the way with good speed.

Just before the harbour i wanted to lift the keel but it did not react. Very strange, when there is no speed through the water it worked (I slowed down to zero speed).

Pff I got nervous.

Nice harbour and we moored behind a Norwegian boat with 4 nice people that we met in the local bar later (happy hour 1700/1800)

We ate fish and ships in the bar and met a few locals and later we sat with the Norwegian people.

After the bar we went to the restaurant next to the bar because the Norwegians told has they have very good langoustines. We shared a plate and went back to the boat. Later we had a visit from the Norwegians because they wanted to see the boat and you never know...

Elisabeth did some food shopping in the morning before we left. It is not always easy to find a supermarket near the harbours :)

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