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They can bite you in Grenaa

Juelsminde - Grenaa. 29/4/18

Departure 0930

Arrival 1730

Distance 62nm

We left with no wind and clouds but after 2 hours the sky broke open and we had a super spring day. We had to motor all day but it was very nice with this weather . We stopped at a wreck and even caught a few small codfish. Arie got one right away (hmmm not so impressive size but still haha) And I got a bigger cod when I tried hihi, what a fun!! We let them all swim back to grow bigger. On the way there was also so many small dolphins to see

We found a perfect nice place in grenaa but the sun went away.

In the evening we had a very nice dinner in a local restaurant at the harbour . This was buffet with perfect food and unlimited drinks (only in the weekend)! Here we should come back again, WE RECOMMEND restaurant Skakke Holm...

Next day we stayed here but the weather was not nice. Lot of rain but we wanted to see the aquarium with sharks and that was a nice few hours covered. For the rest it was just a nice relaxing day.

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