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Torghatten - Brønnøysund

Rørvik - Brønnøysund. 6/7/18

Departure. 0800

Arrival 1500

Distance sailed 47nm

Total distance sailed 1734nm

Today quite strong wind was predicted from sw but there was almost no wind until we were almost in port. The wind did not go above 10knots and it was

from behind so we just motor sailed for an hour.

Trip was nice, we saw a sea eagle on its nest (we think because it was far away) and passed the famous mountain with the hole in it (Torghatten) When we came to Brønnøysund we did some grocery shopping and some fresh shrimps from the local fisher boat. Then we went for an afternoon beer at the restaurant at the harbor, then we met some very nice people that had an «gravøl» they had been in a funeral for a good friend, we where invited home to Thomas and we had a very nice evening at his house :) Thank you Thomas for the hospitality…

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