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Unexpected Haugesund

Utstein - Haugesund. 11/6/18

Departure 1100

Arrival 1600

Distance sailed 26nm

Total distance sailed 1160nm

Today wind from nnw between 6 and 7bft.

The departure was a challenge this morning because the wind was pushing us to the key side. The bow thruster was not strong enough so we had to use a spring. We were very happy we got away and this was not going to be a nice crossing . In the beginning we could sail with a small sail but then we went to much south. So after a while just decided to start the engine and we motored against the very strong wind to Haugesund. In the morning there was some rain together with the strong wind but luckily when we arrived we even had a little sun. Had to rinse all the salt from the boat but that was easy because there was a immense waterpressure on the fresh water hose. That was nice😊 We went out for some sushi at the Sabi sushi bar, very nice food !! Then we went to a brown pub where Arie had been before, but they was almost closing so we went quickly, but found another bar with live music and after 01.00 at night you got a beer for only 49; nkr in the upstairs nightclub so we ended up there with the average age of 20 haha. Nice and unexpected evening.

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