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Ups! Elisabeth is impulsive trip - Knatten

Mandal - Knatten (Furøya) - Mandal

Distance 38nm (x2)

Total distance sailed: 965nm

Elisabeth more or less invited our selves for a weekend in Knatten :) We were invited there last year when we just met and had a fantastic evening in the holidayhouse.

We went with Reidar and Astrid, they became friends when we met last year and because last year’s night there was so special we wanted to go again. We went with the boat so we just slept on board and had a fantastic time with Reidar and Astrid. The trip there was so nice. We went through very *scary* small places with Puffin . People were looking a little strange because we are a bit oversized for that area. Unfortunately the wind was against both ways ☹️. So we mostly used the engine and off course in the small places we could not have done it differently. But it was a super nice trip. We eat Reidars crabs on the way and back I was making Norwegian Christmas food (Pinnekjøtt) that Reidar brought with him on the way back to Mandal :) We where on the smal boat of Astrid looking around in the area and Elisabeth picked some seaweed ( don't know why) and we went even to Lillesand with the small boat for a Jazzconsert, very nice. Did bbq and the weather could not be more perfect!! Thank you Reidar *the old fox* & Astrid

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