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We are still climbing - Støtt

Svartisen - Støtt 9/7/17

Departure 17:15

Arrival 21:45

Distance sailed 27nm

Total distance sailed 1865nm

Nice quite evening trip with no wind at all and a clear blue sky. What a beautiful landscape we have here .

We went to the small island of Støtt because the guide told us it is a nice place. Normally we have an “ankerdram” (drink) after a trip on the boat but we wanted to see the restaurant where we moored. That is a very nice place with a lot of history. We were a little hungry so asked if they could still make some food and they did! We had a very good plate of “bacalao”don’t know if I wrote it right but ment dried cod . Had a chat with some people in the late evening sun , made a walk and hit the bed. Nice evening but my legs were still hurting a lot . My muscles are not used to this climbing :D

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