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We made our destination! - Tromsø

Husøy -Tromsø 14/7/18

Departure. 10:50

Arrival 16:40

Distance sailed 38nm

Total distance sailed 2131nm

Today again a day with almost no wind. We had the tide with us until rystraumen that is just before Tromsø. Here the current can be up to 6 knots! We arrived at rystraumen when the tide was turning and decided to fish a little.. Elisabeth got one small cod and I only mini sei.. then Elisabeth caught something very strange.. we did not know what it was but it was not a fish.. she put a picture on fb asking what it was and it came out that it was a sea cucumber ..

We had a few very nice days in a super nice town. We even got nice weather for a few days , really hot for above the polarcirkel (25 degr). We met nice people and eat wonderful food at the restaurant Smak. We where at a midnight concert and was surprised about the artist, a young girl played the piano and singing. We where up in the mountain and looked at the midnight sun. We also took the local bus around the town to get to the big shopping centre because Elisabeth was looking for a new lens for her camera, but ended up order it online :) Over all it was wonderful days in Tromsø our destination :)

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