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Weekend in Stavanger

Tananger- Stavanger 08/06/2018

Departure 11:15

Arrival 13:30

Distance sailed 15nm

Total distance sailed 1120nm

Today a quick trip on the engine to Stavanger center. We were lucky and found a nice place really in the centre where the cruise ships moor. And again full summer today. Incredible weather for Norway. Friday we moor and met a guy that runs a privat cruising trips on a 45 fot yacht, he said we could stay for few hours because a big cruice ship was coming in the morning, but our plays was so perfect so we took our changes :) We went first at the movies and watch the new jurassic park, wow that was a great movie!! Then we went out for dinner at *Bevare meg vel* Arie had been there 3 times before, but sorry to say I was not so impressed with the food... And then we met some people on other boat where we where, and ended up with a very nice but loooong night :D Saturday we where in a coma and slept long, woke up with a BIG cruice boat about 20 meters from us... Nice day in the sun relaxing, went to do some shopping and we got a nice sailing couple that moored at our boat for some ours. We where trying to get a table at Re-Naa restaurant but fully booked so we went to a place called *Egget* wonderful atmosphere in a small place dark place with 8 tables. The cooks where just like two regular guys that made you feel welcome and we got a very good explanation about the food and wine. There where no meny so you just got what they had, surprise. Over all good food but best atmosphere :) Then we went back to the boat and met the same people on the boat again, but we went home earlier this night hehe.... Sunday we left Stavanger in the afternoon for Utstein monastery Island. So thank you Stavanger and all the nice people we met this weekend :D

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