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Weekend in the medieval - Enkhuizen

We have arrived at the beautiful city Enkhuizen friday 13.04. For me who is from Norway had big eyes when I saw this town.. It is like going back hundreds of years!! A lot of the buildings that is in this beautiful town are from 15th and 16th hundreds :O

Then we got invited for a big party, it is the opening of the boat season and the spring for this shipyard here :) So Saturday 14.04, so we where then drinking champagne and having the best food (for free!!! yes open champagne bar and food ) :)

Sunday was a beautiful weather (so we thought) and we where taking our Sunday trip to the local museum here... It is a big museum made all houses (they have moved old houses from around the area) dated from 13th until 19th sentry. Watch the gallery from the museum here

Enjoy the pictures :)

Greetings from Elisabeth, Vivat & Arie <3

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