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What a surprise - Sørgjæslingan

Brønnøysund - Sørgjæslingan 06/08/18

Departure. 11:55

Arrival. 22:30

Distance sailed 63nm

Total distance sailed 2671nm

Today we first bought Some groceries and left on a nice day with a light wind from west. We could sail almost all the way up to Rørvik. Rørvik was the place we wanted to go but as we had already been there and the weather was so nice we decided to push a little longer to a very small inhabited island. This island was very crowded 100 years ago in the cod season and had also quite some houses. Nowadays the houses are only used in the summer . Very nice place to see but to come in with the boat was a bit scary. You have to find your way between skerries and shallows. We found a nice floating pontoon. We did a walk with vivat up in a small hill so we had a beautiful view of the hole Island and area around, with the sun went down. When we came back we were invited for a drink on the brygge. There were 2 boats from Bronnøysund with very nice people. Only it was already around midnight when they asked us and it was too nice . They gave us some shots and we got lit full and it was very late pffff

But again a very nice memory and a big surprise about the Island and that it did not end up as a quiet place again :D

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