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What an Idyll - Henningsvær

Svolvær - Henningsvær. 28/7/18

Departure. 12:15

Arrival 14:50

Distance sailed 12 nm

Total distance sailed 2366

Today was a very short trip, perfect very warm weather and Bart did the navigation today so easy trip for us. :)

No wind so just a few hours on the engine. There was no place on the floating gjestebrygge but a nice man invited us at his private brygge. Only thing off course was that we had to climb again with low tide. There is a big moon now and the tide is almost 2 meters here so with low tide it is quite a long way down. We ate out in a nice restaurant and had a beer later in the Klatrekaffeen here. Nice place with life music. Then us the oldies went home to bed and Bart went out again until late.

He had fun he said but the going out in Norway is far too expensive haha.

Next day we went around in the village a little before leaving. Very cosy place this Henningsvær.

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