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"when the women left" - Husøy

Harstad - Husøy 13/7/18

Departure. 12:00

Arrival. 22:30

Distance sailed 70nm

Total distance sailed 2093nm

Today again a long trip. We choose the route around Senja Island to enjoy the view on this impressive island. It has very high mountains and deep fjords. We also hoped to see whales but unfortunately we did not see them. We thought we saw one but only 1 time and it was too far.. there was not much wind today and the wind that was there was on the bow so we did not bother to sail.

We passed a few narrow sund between small islands and saw much birdlife. 1 cliff with nesting seagulls and out at sea between rocks again many nesting seagulls and many cormorants. And many other types but unfortunately no sea eagle . We hoped to see one from close by.

We arrived in Husøy in the quite late evening and only found a place at the local fish receiving station. We just had a short walk with vivat because we did not expect to find any life here. But there was the village pub open.. small place where the locals gather probably in the weekend. We had few drinks and were a little scared how we could get back on the boat because there is a lot of tide here. But we were lucky, the tide was rising (we asked that in the local bar before we took the second and the last beer :D

Just a quite evening in a very small place .

Husøy was a place for a Norwegian reality series about a very small community of mostly fishermen and then all the women left the men for a 10 days trip, the men had to take care of the children, work and house :)

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