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Sc puffin is called like this because she is the biggest vessel build this moment of the type Puffin Yachts designed by Olivier van Meer. I have a workboat company called Sima Charters and all the boats in this company have names that start with SC. So finding a name for this vessel was easy. I had the opportunity to buy the finished hull in 2013 and together with the naval architect Olivier van Meer we designed how we would like her inside. I fell in love with Puffin because i wanted a sailbozt with a deckhouse where you can see outside and 95% of all sailboats dont have that.i wanted a steel hull to be more safe should we hit an object floating in the sea and th draught should be less then 2 meters. Most sailboats of this size have a draught of 3 meters or more and then it is not easy to go in ports in the Netherlands of western Europe. So SC puffin more or less ticked all the boxes that were important to me. I did not know anything about sailing so Olivier was responsable for the sailplan. In the autum of 2013 we gave the order to finish the boat to shipyard SRF in Harlingen. The fitting out needed to be to a very high standard and i wanted her allmost to be like our commercial vessels. I wanted her to be able to cross an ocean and have most important systems double.The fitting out of the vessel took 1,5 years and we did the first seatrails in july 2015 she stayed in Dutch waters but in 2016 we went to the baltic sea to discover Denmark and eastern Germany. In 2017 we did a trip to Norway,around the North Cape and back. This was a very long voyage mostly together with my daughter Maaike. 



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